The City of Sioux Falls appears to be eyeing another "Road Diet" downtown. But what exactly is a road diet and how will it affect your downtown driving experience?

According to Pigeon 605, this won't be the first time this strategy has been used in downtown Sioux Falls in recent years.

A "Road Diet", also considered a road conversion, is when the size of a roadway is reduced to ensure improvements in the area. So what might those improvements be?

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The road, in question, is Dakota Avenue. The City of Sioux Falls is planning on adopting a pilot program that will consider changing the parallel parking spots between 10th and 11th Street to angled parking spots.

According to Pigeon 605, who interviewed Sioux Falls Director of Public Works, Mark Cotter, the city is planning on implementing the changes sometime next year.

This would be the City of Sioux Falls' third go-round with road diets, as previous improvements were made to another part of Dakota Avenue (near City Center), along with a stretch of Main Avenue.

Are road diets worth the effort? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the answer is a resounding yes. One study showed that road diets can reduce traffic accidents by an average of 29 percent.

For the full story on Downtown Sioux Falls' latest Road Diet, check out the article from Pigeon 605.

Story Source: Pigeon 605

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