When Becky Phillips and her husband Chad went for a drive in Southeastern South Dakota on Saturday (October 15) they had no idea a cell phone fire would be part of their afternoon:

We saw a fire on the side of the road just east of Parkston. We stopped with blanket and towel to keep it under control. Guess what started it...Yup a cell phone.  The battery was lying next to the phone along with the case. There is a corn field right by it. Glad we saw it or that field would of been a goner.

Phillips says she was surprised by how fast the fire grew:

When we went by it was small. By the time we got turned around and a blanket and towel out it was a lot bigger. We kept it under control until the firemen got there.

The fire crews and the couple did not see the owner of the phone and suspect the phone was thrown out the window and the owner kept going. They couldn't recognize the brand of the phone.

If you have any clues to the owner of the phone or why it would be thrown into the ditch, contact authorities.

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