Sioux Falls has seen a recent increase in the theft of catalytic converter. Thieves steal these emission control devices for the value of the precious metals they contain. The stolen converters are then quickly "converted" into cash by either selling them online or to a salvage yard.

Sioux Falls police say that there have been 40 to 50 reported converter thefts in the last few months in the city. The Turner County Sheriff's Office reported converter thefts in Marion, Parker, and Rural Viborg.

Sioux Falls Police announced they have arrested suspects who they say were caught stealing a number of catalytic converters from vehicles found inside a Sioux Falls salvage yard.

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South Dakota isn't the only state dealing with this problem. Catalytic converter thieves are hard at work in Rochester, Minnesota area

According to KROC AM News, the Olmsted County Sheriff's office has reported two more converter thefts this week.

The first was from a concrete company that said converters from three heavy-duty trucks were stolen with a replacement cost of around $13,000.

Two more converters were taken from a cargo van parked at a work site.

According to the Olmsted County Sheriff's office and Rochester Police, catalytic converter thefts have been increasing in the area since last fall. Police have yet to make an arrest.

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