How's this for a 4th of July celebration? Of all the picnics, barbeques, parades, and a plethora of Independence Day celebrations no event is complete without a mouth full of watermelon seeds to spit.

Let the spitting begin! Leading up to the weekend of fireworks Watermelon Seed Spitting Week begins June 30. Oh, and not just for one day. June 30 through July 3 will be a spittin-good-time.

TV host Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs has a great technique.

I'm sure you've launched your share of seeds over the years. It's part of the watermelon season and a hot summer day treat to have a slice of the sweet treat with juice running down your arms and face.

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Line up behind the chalk line on the driveway and let the fun begin.

Do you think there's a world record in your future? Better practice. The world record for watermelon seed spitting is 75 feet two inches.

When you do your shopping next time you will see displays for seedless watermelon. No doubt a popular choice. Just move to the next display for the perfect thumper.

Check the county fairs surrounding us this summer in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. Don't be surprised if a watermelon spitting contest is listed.

And, when the time rolls around get in line for the Deep Fried Watermelon at the State Fair.


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