What do you do when you're a barrel racer and you have a broken back? You take some time and get healed up. So, what do you do if you have a horse that's injured. Well, you get them healed up too. That's exactly what Shelby Vinson and her horse KN Red By Design whose nickname is Tubby have been through this past year.

Injuries are a part of sport, it doesn't matter if it's football, bull riding or barrel racing. Earlier this year we told you about Shelby Vinson and how she had suffered a broken back earlier this year. Since then, Shelby has healed up and is riding again. As for Tubby, well that's another story in itself.

Tubby actually injured her knees last year.   Tubby has been rehabbing after surgery in Decatur, Texas at Outlaw Equine.  As you can tell by the photo, rehab for horses has come a long way. In the photo, Tubby is spending some time in a special salt water bath. The water is super cold, at just over freezing. The cold water baths were part of her rehab.

This past weekend, Shelby heard that Tubby was ready to run again, and run she did. They entered the Rodeo at Ft. Worth Stockyards in Texas and won the event. You might say Tubby and Shelby are back!

While waiting for Tubby to recover, Shelby has been riding her other barrel horses, Fergie and Rudy so she's been busy but she's happy to have Tubby back home and back out on the rodeo trail. September 26th and 27th Shelby and Tubby will travel to Loveland, Colorado for the American Qualifier. We'll keep you posted on how she does.

Pic from Shelby Vinson
Pic from Shelby Vinson







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