A pony, a barrel racing horse and concrete don't mix real well. At least that was the case for a barrel racer we've been following.

I just got off the phone with Shelby Vinson. She said, the actual accident was kind of a long story. Long story short, she had a horse go over backward and she landed awkwardly on her back. On cement. She knew she was sore but like any cowgirl, toughed it out for the following three weekends. When the soreness continued she scheduled a trip to the doctor. That's when she found out she had three fractures in her back.

Vinson was happy that the accident didn't require surgery, but downtime in a brace stuck in bed didn't play out very well with her.

This past week was better for Vinson. She was cleared to ride again and all healed up! But being on bed rest for 3 weeks left her weak and unable to go. So it was off to rehab. Shelby said she had just finished exercising for the day. Time to get stronger she said, and then we'll get back in the arena competitively.

If all goes as planned, Shelby said she would like to compete in upcoming SDRA Rodeos in Faith, Martin and Scotland, South Dakota in the coming week.

Get strong fast Shelby! We can't wait to see you back going full speed!  Oh, and as for waiting to go to a doctor for three weeks after breaking your back, that sounds exactly like something a cowgirl would do.

Side note: One of Shelby's horses,Tubbie has also been recuperating in Texas. If you thought ice bath therapy was only for humans you're mistaken!

Pic by Shelby Vinson