To create a unique setting for your next outdoor gathering, accessorize from your local garden center. You can start your party decor by adding tropical plants. Colorful cannas and long frond palms can give an instant tropical feel to your patio.Group several of these plants to section off an intimate dining area.

Add small bunches of peppermint and spearmint to your beverage bar. Guests can pinch a few leaves for their iced tea or choose a mint to muddle for their mojito. Sprigs of lavender blossoms can be placed near the desserts to garnish cakes or vanilla ice cream.

Fresh cut flowers are a typical centerpiece. But, for an instant "Wow!", purchase a container of annuals in full bloom and place them in a garden urn for a spectacular buffet centerpiece. Colorful containers can also be used to hold cutlery, napkins, or edibles like breadsticks. Large containers can hold whole pineapples, coconuts, or mangoes.

Light up the tiki torches, turn on the sound of waves breaking on the beach and your tropical event is ready to go!