Country musics King of Clever, and Guitar Guru is set to appear in Brookings this Saturday night at the Swiftel Center. I know, I know, there are tons of talented musicians in Country Music. But this guy is different. He's rare.

I was looking through part of his body of work the other day and it's pretty astounding. Paisley's  writing tends to do more than scratch the surface. It relates in very personal ways. And it seems like every song he puts out hits a nerve. A different nerve each time.

Here are a couple examples.

Alcohol  Anyone else anywhere anytime mention a lamp shade in a country song?  Enough Said.

Anything Like Me  Nothing like looking at your pregnant wife, thinking ahead, dreaming ahead and letting the brilliance just happen.

He Didn't Have To Be  I've had more people who met a gal, who already had a child say, awesome.

Letter To Me  Was Brad ever this vulnerable and introspective? It takes major sack to look back on teen years and write a song about it.

Online  Did I mention clever. He takes things we see everyday, we do every day, things we stretch the truth about in some cases and makes great songs.

Ticks  The guy gets away with murder in his songs. But he does it so classy that people just chuckle and look the other way. Hey, that takes REAL talent.

Remind Me  Yep. When it comes down to it, he can write an awesome love song, even if love seems to be miles away and years ago.

His latest called Crushin' It is another example. It's awesome. I think the guy can write a song about anything. But he can take crushin' a can and spin a hundred references to it too.

Talented? Yep!  Witty?  Obviously.  Playing the Swiftel Center in Brookings Saturday Night?  Count on it.