Every Fourth of July at my parents farm growing up my dad wrapped a giant roll of Black Cat Firecrackers around the fence post.

Ten minutes later after the red paper stopped flying, and the Cats stopped cracking it was a kick off of things to come for the evening.

The bottle rockets, tanks, snaps, snakes and smoke balls were good starters while we waited for the sun to set.

Once the sun was down the artillery shells, rockets, and displays lit the sky.

We cleaned up at the end of the night and threw everything in the burning barrels.

Throughout the night you would hear the occasional rouge firework go off from the barrels.

In Part 1 of the Fireworks Fun series I cruised just South of Sioux Falls, off I-29 to the big yellow building, on the West side at the Tea exit 73. Kevin, from Pyro City Fireworks gave me the tour of everything I remembered from growing up, to the latest, greatest, and purplest fireworks industry has to offer.

For more on Pyro City Fireworks check out their Facebook page.

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