Over the last few months, Bobby Bones has clenched his teeth so hard that he’s broken multiple teeth. Since he’s cracked three teeth in the last 18 months, his dentist, Dr. Jeff Trembley suggested he get Botox in his jaw where the muscles are. He had got it done once before, but very lightly. So, since his dentist thought it was worth it, he agreed to get it done.

As Bones was getting his tooth fixed, he also did Botox. Since then, it’s helped him immensely. He’s no longer in pain, clenching his jaw or breaking teeth. Dr. Trembley shared what he did and why he recommends people who are having similar problems as Bones get Botox in their jaw. He said a lot of people are hard on their teeth due to stress. Botox is a great treatment because when you inject it in the main muscles that close the jaw, over the next few days it binds that muscle and prevents the signal to your brain telling it to clench. It takes the intensity of clenching way down and it often prevents it from happening at all for about three months!

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Dr. Trembley also answered general questions as well. Amy has been canceling her cleaning with him for over a year, but he encourages her to get in soon because check-ups are important! He also offered some words of encouragement to people who are afraid to go to the dentist because they are ashamed of their teeth. He said he’s always glad when people take that leap of faith and address their health because there is never a better time than now and the sooner they get to the problem, the better the outcome! So many things can be treated if caught early and it will be less painful as well.

Below are some more general questions Dr. Trembley answered listeners wanted to know:  

  • How much toothpaste should we be using on our toothbrush? About the size of a pea. Should you floss before the dentist? - Does not matter.
  • Should you chew gum and fix your breath before going to the dentist? Does not matter.
  • Is drinking with a straw good or bad? It may help a little with coffee staining your teeth but drinking it with a straw will still increase the acidity which is bad for teeth and gums. It may help a little, but not much.
  • Do floss picks count as flossing? Yes. Dentists don’t like them as much as traditional floss because if you catch an overhang and can’t get it out, there’s no way to pull it out besides cutting it. Compared to traditional floss where you can just pull it out.

Bones has had so many benefits since getting Botox in his jaw, he recommends it to anyone struggling with similar problems! To find out more information you can visit Smileonnashville.com.

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