Over the weekend, Bobby Bones went to the Arkansas basketball game where he got to call the starting lineup!

They asked him the day before if he wanted to do the intros for the game. Five minutes before the game started, they sent him a script in order to announce the players. He didn’t tell his wife he was doing it because he wanted to surprise her, but when she saw him pacing before the game, she figured out what he was about to do. He was nervous because he hasn’t announced the starting lineup for a team since he was in 11th grade, but he went out there with a lot of energy! Unfortunately, Arkansas did lose.

There were some listeners there who wanted to take pictures with him, but since he was sad about the loss, he had to fake it when normally he loves to take pictures with them. He said he faked it hard, and you can see the sadness in his eyes in some of the pictures.

Overall, Bones said it was a very cool and fun experience, but he hates that they lost.

You can watch him announce the starting lineup here!

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