Bobby Bones is making a week of good decisions. These last few weeks he’s been working a little too much and not been eating exactly right, so he spent the week focusing on making good choices.

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Here are some of the good decisions he made yesterday:

  • He and Eddie got in a workout yesterday, even though it was over an hour later than they usually do, and their day was running late. But they got it done and said it felt good.
  • Bones went to dinner last night at an Italian restaurant called Luogo and said it’s the best Italian food he’s ever had. He made the good decision not to overeat when he usually does.
  • He didn’t Tweet fight with any Tennessee basketball fans after Arkansas lost last night when he usually does when they come at him.
  • He and his wife are trying to figure out what’s good for his digestion, so she made him bone broth to drink every morning and said it would help. He’s been drinking it even though he said it’s not good.
  • The best good decision he made this week was not going to Knoxville yesterday to watch the Arkansas basketball game. He knew if he did it would affect the rest of his week. Since they lost, he’s so happy he didn’t go because he would’ve been angry and tired.
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