Members of the Bobby Bones Show answered the bad habit they need to break. Find out their answers below:

  • Bobby Bones – Biting his nails. He also asked his wife, and she said not to rinse his plates, leave his beard shavings all over the counter, leave bottles upside down in the sink, and pee on the toilet seat and floor.
  • Amy – Pulling her hair out. She does it often to soothe her anxiety but would like to stop because it’s starting to cause a bald spot.
  • Eddie – Every time he goes to the grocery store, he buys ice cream even if they don’t need it. So, they have a lot of it at home.
  • Lunchbox – He eats his toenails, but he said he enjoys it. He also has bad posture.
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    Bones explained a method for overcoming a bad habit, as it can be extremely challenging to do so. The key is to consistently remind yourself that you want to break this habit, by keeping it at the forefront of your mind.

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