Members of The Bobby Bones Show competed in Blind Karaoke: George Strait Edition and the winner gets $20! Bobby BonesMike D, and Lunchbox are the judges. Find out what everyone sang and how they did below:

  • Eddie – He sang “Carrying Your Love With Me” and messed up most of the words. His score was a 9.
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  • Amy – She sang “Ace In The Hole.” It was a song she didn’t know well but sang it in the right key. Her score was 7.
  • Morgan – She sang “All My Ex’s Live In Texas.” She didn’t know most of the words, but it was an entertaining performance. Her score was 6.
  • Abby – She sang “Write This Down.” She knew all the words but had bad stage presence and kept her back to Lunchbox the whole performance and was timid. Her score was 7.
  • Eddie was the winner and won $20! Morgan lost so she can’t compete in the next round.

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