One of my favorite things about The Bobby Bones show is their love of animals especially dogs. This is a great story to share with your friends. And tell them to listen to The Bobby Bones Show, Weekday mornings 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Kickin' 100.5!

Jeannie Wilcox and her family were on a boating trip on Lake Michigan and they were about eight hours in when they saw spotted something in the water.

Wilcox recalls seeing a red animal in the lake and immediately started screaming "Dog in the water!" They saw the dog swimming alone nearly four miles offshore and believed he was treading water for upward of an hour. The family was able to get the dog on the swim platform of their boat and dry it off.

 Then Wilcox and her family traveled four hours to a location where they could get the dog scanned for a microchip. Turns out the dog was lost and his owners were able to be located. In a video shared on Facebook, the owners came to the dock to meet with the Wilcox's and their lost pup. The dog can be seen in the video rushing to its owners and there's a whole lot of happiness.

Wilcox told People they're grateful they could do their part in helping the dog, "I just hope that if this was my dog, somebody would do the same for me. I would just be very grateful, happy because I know how rough Lake Michigan can be."

Photo: Getty Images

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