On Friday mornings' Bobby Bones Show, I was rolling when I heard Kierra come on the show. Kierra Lewis is a TikTok sensation that evidently has a 'thing' for Country Star Kip Moore. If you missed it, check out the video! Remember, you can catch The Bobby Bones Show Weekday mornings 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Kickin' 100.5! Digital editor for The Bobby Bones Show, Morgan Huelesman wrote; 

If one is on TikTok, then they've definitely seen viral sensation Kierra and her reactions to the men in country music. Kierra, known as @KierraLewis75, first went viral at the beginning of January this year when she posted a video of her commenting on Sam Hunt's song "Body Like A Back Road" and her learning that he's a very attractive guy.

Kierra has since posted several TikToks of her reacting to the men in country music like Jake OwenChase RiceRiley GreenBrantley Gilbert, and Kip Moore. Though Kierra admits she is most definitely a Kip Moore superfan, he comes in at number 1 on her list of men in country music she adores. So we decided to bring Kierra on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about her viral TikTok videos and love of country music. Not only that, we told her that Kip Moore was on the phone wanting to talk to her and we proceeded to pretend the phone call dropped.

That's when Kip Moore walked into the studio to surprise Kierra in person. Kierra jumped out of her seat in excitement and couldn't contain how happy she was to get to meet Kip Moore. The two bantered back and forth for a bit before Kip Moore performed his songs "Last Shot," and "She's Mine" for the show and Kierra in front row.

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