“America’s Appraiser” Dr. Lori came on The Bobby Bones Show to evaluate three old coins Bobby Bones has that he thinks are worth a lot of money.

Dr. Lori is one of the most famous appraisers, doing 150 shows around the country every year since 1998. She contributes to the new Netflix show, King of Collectables: The Goldin Touch, which is produced by Peyton Manning. On the show, she helps appraise cool collector items and celebrities like Drake and Mike Tyson appear on the show. She said doing the show has been a great time and she hopes it has a long lifespan because she enjoys contributing to it.

Bones sent Dr. Lori pictures of three coins he bought years ago and recently found in his house to see if there was any value in them. She appraised the oldest first: a 1905 Barber Half Dollar Coin made of 90% silver. She said it’s pretty rare because the eagle on the reverse side of the coin is important. But since it was in poor condition, she valued it at $75.

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The next coin was the 1921 Morgan Dollar Coin. It’s named after the man who designed it, George Morgan, and it’s also a rare coin. On the one side, there is a lady with cotton in her hair and that represents the “spring of America.” It’s 90% silver and in good condition so she valued it at $100.

Then she appraised the 1943 Peace Dollar Coin which is very rare. It was the first silver coin to be struck after the 1921 stock market crash and the Great Depression. It’s an important coin for collectors in finance because it represents the comeback of the American economy. It’s 90% silver and in great condition and due to it being such a rare collector's item, she valued it at $100,000!

Dr. Lori stated that the market is not the best right now for collectibles, so she suggested he hold on to it until its 100th anniversary in 2034 and sell it then because it will increase its value. Bones did promise that if any of his coins were worth more than $10,000, he would spin the wheel and whoever's name it landed on would get 10%. He is still deciding if he will sell or hold on to the coin.

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