Miranda Lambert is all over social media right now after she paused her concert in Las Vegas to call out fans who were taking a selfie during her performance of “Tin Man.” The incident has gained a lot of attention, so Bobby Bones shared his thoughts on the situation.

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Bones likes and knows Lambert, but admitted it wasn’t a good look on Lambert’s end. He suggested that maybe she was having a bad day. He knows that is not what she’s typically like, so even if it’s the worst-case scenario he is going to give her a pass because everyone deserves to be shown some grace when having a bad day. He also gave Lambert the benefit of the doubt that we don’t truly know what was happening in the crowd and how the fans were acting. The fans who got called out for the picture have since spoken out about the situation, and Bones thinks it’s crazy how much of a victim they’ve become. When Bones is doing his live comedy shows, he does not allow phones, so he’s never found himself in a situation like this before, but he knows that Lambert’s Vegas Residency shows are small and intimate, so maybe they shouldn’t allow phones there, but people can continue to take photos at her regular shows.

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images
Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Bones does not think the fans are completely in the wrong because there were no rules about picture taking and he understands they paid money to see her, but he also thinks they should’ve chosen a better song to take pictures during rather than one of her slow sad ballads. He also thought the fans should not have used Flash because that can be distracting. Amy said if she was called out by an artist for taking pictures, she would’ve been extremely embarrassed and left, but she wouldn’t be speaking publicly about it like the group of women are now.

Bones is not on anyone’s side because he thinks they’re both in the wrong and does not like that the women are doing interviews acting like they’ve been done so wrong. He also thinks Lambert reacted in a way she probably shouldn’t have. Bones' biggest takeaway from it all was that phones should not be allowed at Lambert’s smaller, intimate shows if she’s going to get upset about people taking pictures and that she deserves some justice.

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