The Bobby Bones Show has been trying to make an interview with Zach Bryan has been in the works for months but hasn’t happened yet because of timing.

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Bobby Bones is a big fan of his music, and he finally got to meet him at the ACM Awards! When he saw him, it was early in the morning and he was waiting at the hotel front desk for something, so Bones went up to him and they started to talk. He said Bryan was super nice and personable! At first, Bones was not sure if Bryan knew who he was, but he eventually caught on. Hopefully, he will come in for an interview soon!

By the way, Zach Bryan is coming to Sioux Falls and is set to play a SOLD-OUT show at The Denny Sanford Premier Center Saturday, August 12, 2023.  Zach Bryan is part of a new wave of artists hitting the music scene by riding social media waves.

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