Ever since Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani announced their engagement, fans have been buzzing with curiosity about all things bling: How big it is, how much it cost and what brand and style Shelton picked out for his superstar fiancée.

Though the couple hasn't shared many details or held still for a close-up photograph of the ring, many publications have tried to guess how much it cost, with estimates hovering in the $1 million area.

But while the exact specifics of Stefani's eye-poppingly beautiful engagement ring remain unclear, one thing's for sure: It's big and glitzy, and Shelton definitely took some risks with the less-than-foolproof hiding spot he picked out for it before the proposal.

The "God's Country" star reveals to radio DJ Bobby Bones that while waiting to pop the question, he kept the ring in his truck.

"I had the ring for a couple of weeks, maybe two and a half weeks," Shelton says. "To be honest with you, and this is scary — the scariest thing was, I had that ring in the compartment on my door of my truck for about a week. And I don't know about you, but stuff falls out of that damn thing on my truck all the time."

In other words, it's not the best spot for a pricey engagement ring. "I'm digging in there looking for a flashlight or change, and I kept thinking, 'Man, somebody's gonna hit the jackpot whenever I drop this thing out of my truck,'" he jokes.

However, there was a method to the singer's madness. He had a very good reason for wanting to keep the ring handy at all times, even though it wasn't the safest spot for the jewelry.

"I wanted to keep it there all the time because I didn't know when I would have the exact right moment," he offers up in his own defense, adding, "but thank God I didn't lose the ring."

Though the couple haven't shared all the specifics of the ring, they have offered up a few details about the proposal, with reports describing it as a family-approved affair. Apparently, Shelton involved Stefani's three sons in his proposal plans, and also asked her father for his blessing before popping the question.

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