Every time we turn on the news we hear more information about scams. In Sioux Falls, South Dakota alone, people have lost thousands of dollars to scammers. This morning while scrolling through my Twitter feed I noticed a scam that is particularly disturbing. It was posted by Siouxland District Health;

Reports are circulating that scammers are calling senior citizens asking for credit card information so they can be put on the list to receive the COVID vaccine that is due to be available anytime now.

Scammers have no shame anytime, but this one is particularly disturbing. Let this serve as a reminder not to give any information out over the phone 'ever' regarding your personal credit card information. What is obvious to most people can be overlooked, especially when people are so looking forward to receiving the vaccination and hopefully getting back to a more normal life with their families.

Make a note of this. If you have a Mom or Dad or Grandpa or Grandma, call them today and let them know there is another scam out there for them to be aware of. Thank you for also sharing this information with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

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