One family, along with a few friends, say they "mean no harm" with a betting pool they run that focuses on biker fatalities during the Sturgis Black Hills Rally.

Carol Landrum told the Rapid City Journal they realize it that might be macabre and it actually started as a joke. Really?

We hate that anybody does die, but we know it's going to happen. It's just kind of a way for us to get through the rally and be good-humored about it."

This year, according to the Associated Press, 12 people put in $5 each, with the winner pocketing $60.

As a rider and motorcycle enthusiast myself, it appalls me to think that someone find this even remotely close to entertainment. How can this not be upsetting to anyone who has lost a loved one due to a tragic accident?

It is equally appalling that among the several great stories to come out of the Sturgis Rally, the Rapid City Journal decided this would be their front page story at the close of rally week.

Rapid City Journal_Page_1_Aug_12_2014

According to the RC Journal Facebook post on the topic, readers and rally attendees were not thrilled as the article made it's rounds.

The twisted death pool started 7 years ago based on an idea from a friend of Landrum's husband. Ironically, that friend later died in a motorcycle accident, Carol said.


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