Living in the southeastern part of Sioux Falls I have seen the Big Sioux River Flood at Spencer and Tuthill Park probably a dozen times. I've never seen it with icing on top until now.

Whenever the river floods you lose track of where the banks are. You have an idea but you don't really know. The thinning layer of ice that was on the river this morning was lifted up by the flood but I'm still not exactly sure where the bank is.

There was a line of exposed or melted water this morning just after 10:00 AM that was a couple of feet wide closer to the south bank. When I drove by with my daughter late this afternoon the entire park was submerged and the ice seemed to have shifted out of the normal path of the river, drifting north, I think.

It's so weird. I don't know if the water got high enough anywhere else to have the ice sheet drift off the path of the river but it would be interesting to see, as long as it didn't drift a micro iceberg into anything that it could damage.

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