We get it. The NHL playoffs are exciting, which means that fans might occasionally lose their heads. That such thing happened Wednesday night (Apr. 10) when the Nashville Predators' announcer called forth the evening's singers of the national anthem, Big & Rich, for Game 1 against the Dallas Stars.

Instead of introducing the innovative duo as "genre bending" (which is what we believe was the intended phrase), the announcer called John Rich and Big Kenny "gender bending" instead. Watch the video above if you don't believe us.

Social media had a ball with this slip-up, as expected, given that Rich tends to lean on the conservative side of things politically, so as might be expected isn't exactly your typical gender-bending type. Rich has aligned himself on the right for a number of issues (most recently being outspoken regarding Colin Kaepernick's NFL protest), so fans were amused at the idea of what he might think of suggestions of gender fluidity—a conversation that tends to live toward the left.

Neither Rich nor Big Kenny made any note of the gaffe on social media, both choosing instead to pay respect with comments on the death of Earl Thomas Conley.

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