I'm going to take so much crap from my son Tad for this tonight when I get home. He'll probably say, what random thing are you going to take a picture of with the Samsung Galaxy S7 you use courtesy of Sprint in Sioux Falls and then write about? He's kind of tough on me that way.

We have choices of where we could live. I could 'feel' Florida, especially during the months of December, January and February. I could enjoy Las Vegas in November, December or January.

This is about smells. Right now is the perfect time for smells here in South Dakota.

The lilac bushes just finished, and they were awesome this year. The peonies are firing now.

The other morning when was out for a run I noticed the alfalfa is ready. Then I saw a post on my Facebook feed. John and Janice were cutting and baling in the Milltown, South Dakota area.

The only folks who might disagree probably suffer with allergies. I'm jealous of farmer friends who are so close to the smell of freshly turned dirt out in the fields, but is there a better smell than fresh cut alfalfa or a field like that in the picture that is almost ready to cut? And, is there a better smelling time of the year here in South Dakota.

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