Have you ever looked at someones 'work' and said to wow!? Over the past years of checking my newsfeed on Facebook I've come across someone who I think is the best in their field. Period. His name is Boaz Elkes.

Elkes calls Billings, Montana home, but probably spends more time in equine arenas and even more time photographing Barrel Racers. One look at his work and I think you'll agree he is a master at his craft.

I first heard of Elkes from Dawn Cable of Pukwana, South Dakota. Dawn has posted Elkes photography taken at local barrel races here in South Dakota and around the nation. Another super fan is Joni Laska from Lake Andes. I recently talked to Elkes as he traveled from Salt Lake City, Utah back to South Dakota. We caught up while he was around Kadoka on Interstate 90.

I started the interview like a giddy fan of photography.  I am a fan! Elkes was humble in response saying, it's really just about the horse and rider. And the subject is very photogenic. In many of the shots their athleticism shines through the lens. Take a close look at his work and it shows in every shot.

Boaz said the photos he takes are key but  prides himself in personal service. He said, I am 100% all in when it comes to my customers offering 24/7 personalize service.
Elkes also mentioned, he concentrates his efforts on LOCAL barrel Races like with the NBHA and not the big rodeo events. One thing you will not notice in his work is he does not use a flash. All of his shots are captured using natural light.

Look a the photos. Look at the power and athleticism from  the horse. How about the look from the riders. One glance and you can see why local barrel racers speak so highly of Boaz Elkes and his work! One thing is certain, Boaz Elkes is a master at his craft. The craft of capturing a moment for a proud barrel racer to put on their wall. For more details and more photos check out his Facebook page here.

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Boaz Elkes Photography

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