The groundsmen were finishing up pouring hundreds of gallons of water on the rodeo arena in preparation for the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo in Mitchell, South Dakota. I noticed on the far end of the arena a woman leading a grey horse into the sloppy arena along with her young daughter.

Now that's an interesting way to spend some time in a rodeo arena. Walking barefoot though the dirt and the water.

I believe those were my first words to her across the fence. So began my conversation with Amy Wheeler.

Wheeler was recently in Mitchell for the rodeo with her daughter Rein. When I first saw them I was recording a break for a radio remote broadcast. Amy and Rein were walking barefoot in the arena leading Twisti around.

Amy said, I keeps a journal on how her horse runs the barrels in various facilities. She went on to say I've found things go best when I just lead Twisti into the area before competition so she can see the fences, the flags and the facility. I found that interesting so I asked some more questions.

I asked, where are you from, how did you end up here?  She said, we're from Chetek, Wisconsin. I asked a few more questions and found this out.

Amy wanted a horse when she was young. She got a job delivering papers, bought a pony, and kept trading up. Turns out she spent part of her career building houses with her husband. One of the more interesting tidbits I caught was she starting trimming her first ponies hooves. She kept learning and watching and is actually a farrier by trade. Hard work for sure!

Amy Wheeler on Twisti
Amy Wheeler on Twisti

One of the neatest things about meeting Amy was the fact that she's quite an advocate for Jesus! Turns out she makes sure the people she trims or shoes horses for gets a Bible and some positive reinforcement before she leaves. You might say, she works on your horses foundation in trimming and shoeing while she works on your foundation too.

Barrel Racer, Builder, Farrier and more. Wheeler is a product representative for Spurrs Big Fix. It's a product that you can put on cuts and scrapes your horse will inevitably get. She believes in the product and makes sure all her customers know about it.

She's a Bible Packing Barrel Racing, Home Building, Farrier who will lead a horse into a muddy arena with her daughter barefoot. Amy Wheeler from Chetek, Wisconsin. And by the way, she said she took her boots off so they wouldn't get muddy. Good thinking.

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