And now, from the 'you can't be doing that department.' We are hearing this today from KYNT News that a Bald Eagle was shot and wounded in the Wagner, South Dakota area last month and officials are looking to the public now to find out more.

According to the story;

Yankton Sioux Tribal Game Warden Preston Neal says that on December 17th he received a call about an injured eagle on the river bottom south of Wagner. Officials later learned, through the federal game wardens that someone has shot the eagle twice with a smaller caliber rifle.

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There is some good news though out of the story, the bird was taken to a rehabilitation center in Minnesota and is expected to make a full recovery  Neal encourages anyone with any information on the case to please contact the Yankton Sioux Police Department of the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks office. Injuring or killing a bald eagle is a federal offense.

Just because many of the hunting seasons may be over, doesn't mean that there aren't people out hunting in one way or the other. Remember that the South Dakota Game-Fish and Parks also has a tips line that you can call in violations to as well. You can check out their site anytime and help out officials if you know any information.

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