These days being a police officer is really a tough profession, in the midst of the racial tension happening in this country at the moment, there's a very good chance you could be shot at. Or in the case of Brian McGuire, a police officer in Wagner, South Dakota, an intoxicated woman could try to run you over.

That's exactly what happened when McGuire responded to a report on June 29, 2016, of a minivan that allegedly had driven through a man’s yard on Memorial Drive in Wagner.

When McGuire showed up at the residence, he located 37-year-old Andrea Joseph of Wagner, who at that time McGuire arrived, had just backed her minivan onto the road to face him.

According to the report, McGuire pulled his duty weapon and ordered Joseph to stop. She then made a threat and accelerated, fortunately McGuire was able to get out of the way.

Officer McGuire then pursued Joseph and placed her under arrest. Once apprehended, Joseph allegedly told McGuire, “I should have tried harder to run you over.” She also allegedly made the comment that she wished he would have used his service weapon and killed her.

Joseph was charged with aggravated assault as a result of the incident.

At the time of her arrest, a preliminary breath test showed Joseph's blood-alcohol content was 0.086 percent. The legal limit to operate a motor vehicle in South Dakota is 0.08 percent.

Source: Inforum 

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