Meat Masters of the Universe! The gods of deliciousness have gifted us Bacon With a Twist.

I tried twisted bacon last night and my life will never be the same. I feel responsible for passing it along with the great discoveries of existence like fire, love, yoga, and q-tips.

I have climbed the mountain and received the tablets. Share twisted bacon with your friends, family, and enemies. If you don’t eat meat don’t worry, I ate enough for you too.

I had no idea I could ever enjoy bacon more than I already do.

I remember years ago when some beautiful person shared the baking bacon on a baking sheet pan trick with me. No more frying a few strips at a time in a frying pan, load up the cookie sheet with the entire package of bacon all at once.

In 2017 I started eating the ways of the Ketogenic lifestyle, and have learned some great cooking tips. So far my favorite new Keto food trick was protein pancakes, but yesterday someone shared with me the twisting bacon trick.

Twisting bacon is as simple as it sounds, but makes a giant taste twist. You simply twist the bacon before backing it in the oven, and you get the best mix of crunchy, and soft in the same bite.

I will be twisting bacon from now on, and fellow bacon lovers you will want to give it a shot.

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