How on earth did we ever live without this? With the recent Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world people have found themselves spending quite a bit more time at home. If you happen to have a pet in the house you have probably noticed, that the animal either really likes it or maybe not so much.

I talk quite a bit about Molly the Black Lab. She's getting up there in age, [about 9 years old] and she has decided that her favorite place to nap, heck to spend most of my waking and working hours, right by my feet. She spends the bulk of her morning under the card table as I work on radio station stuff on the computer.

How about you? If you are working at home, do you find that your pets are enjoying the extra time spent with you, or does it work the other way? I'd love to hear what you think. Share your story with me, and I'll share it with our readers. You can e-mail me anytime. And thanks for sharing this story with your Facebook friends!

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