Lot's of folks will be traveling over this long Easter weekend. And when you are taking a road trip what's better than cranking up the tunes and singing along?

What are some of your favorite songs to sing while tooling down the highway? AA Insurance has come up with a list of what they call the '25 Best Songs To Sing In the Car'. What do you think?

Here are the top 10. You can check out the full list on their website.

  1. "Bohemian Rhapsody" – Queen
  2. "Livin’ on a Prayer" – Bon Jovi
  3. "Sweet Caroline" – Neil Diamond
  4. "Dancing Queen" – ABBA
  5. "Don’t Stop Believin’" – The Journey
  6. "I will Survive" – Gloria Gaynor
  7. "Wonderwall" – Oasis
  8. "Hotel California" – The Eagles
  9. "Hey Jude" – The Beatles
  10. "Eye of the Tiger" – Survivor

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