I travel back and forth on 57th Street in Sioux Falls every day on my commute to work. This project started with some dirt work. When the retaining wall went in I knew it was going to be something special.

If you commute on 57th Street, chances are you've noticed a new, huge home going up at the corner of 57th and Yellowstone Lane. The name of the street is fitting, and the size of the home aligns with the Costener way of building. If you've watched the series you know, bigger is better.

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You could tell the view had potential. The angle of the house looks like they will have a hell of a view from the upper level of the home. The amount of lumber going in makes it look like it will be a spectacular home. [My son Jacob said, 'That retaining wall alone looks like it would have cost more than a considerable home in Sioux Falls.]

It's yet to be seen if they drain the water out of a natural pocket of a pond that is tightly nestled next to the new home overlooking the Big Sioux River. Who knows, maybe they'll turn it into a good old Cement Pond!

JD Collins-Townsquare Media
JD Collins-Townsquare Media

Sometimes we drive to work and things never seem to change. Back and forth, back and forth, but once in a while a project like this comes along that catches our eye. Could the Duttons be coming to Sioux Falls? If they do, where do you think they will shop? Who do you think they will tie in with and hang out with?

We'll keep an eye on it. Taylor Sheridan and John Linson have yet to be spotted 'in the wild' here in Sioux Falls, but you never know! If you travel up and down 57th Street we'll keep an eye on this Yellowstone project, together.

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