A friend of mine just told me about the Farming Simulator video games. Of course, I've heard of Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Clan Wars and other popular games, but I'd never heard of any video games involving tractors.

Turns out there is a whole series of Farming Simulator video games. Players are able to farm, breed livestock, grow crops and sell all the stuff they grow and raise. You even get a hands-on kind of tutorial on how to operate everything from a John Deere tractor to a Semi hauling logs.

There is even a Hay Bailing Challenge on Farming Simulator. I saw one guy pull 2056 bails of hay after he picked up a few Dolly hitches to pull his 30 trailers. The games have sold over four million copies combined.

In one Farming Simulator 17 video, I saw a John Deere 6250R Tractor plowing snow, then pulling out a stuck semi-truck. I've seen that one done in real-time.

Having grown up in Iowa and Minnesota and now living in South Dakota I am fairly well versed in things farming.  I would think if you've been around and worked on a farm for a living that perhaps playing a game based on what you do for work wouldn't be all that appealing.

But after checking these games out, I could see that they could be kind of fun and probably addictive. I haven't yet found the point in the game where the farmer's wife calls the Mainstreet bar to see if her husband is coming home?

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