You have to let them fly alone Mom and Dad.

There's your little one, except he or she isn't so little anymore. You're not watching and giving encouragement to them on the soccer field or at the band concert or at the church pageant.

Nope. They just graduated college and are off on their first job interview in the career of their choice.

According to Forbes, more and more parents are, well...inserting themselves into employment situations for their kids. No, they're not talking about that first job when you're 14 and trying to set up a lawn mowing business. Again, we're talking about that entry level position in whatever career that young person is trying to get into.

According to the article, parents are trying to 'help' by:

• 40% had dealt with parents who were trying to obtain information about the company on their children’s behalf

• 31% had received resumes submitted by parents on behalf of their children

• 26% had contact with parents who tried to convince them to hire their sons or daughters

• 15% had heard complaints from parents whose child did not get hired

• 12% had dealt with parents who tried to arrange their child’s interview

• 9% had contact with a parent who tried to negotiate their child’s salary

• 6% had received calls from parents who were advocating for their child’s raise or a promotion

• 4% had seen parents attend the interview with their child

The bottom line is, yes, yes, yes! Be supportive! But don't be overbearing and if your young one has to feel the sting of rejection, let them feel it. We all have.

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