Every Martin Luther King Jr. Day there is a Feminine Hygiene Product Drive in Sioux Falls to benefit The Banquet. The event is always at Miner Brewing and Prairie Berry Winery. Even with Miner Brewing moving locations they were still proud to host the event.

Every year it just gets more and more impressive.

I stopped by to drop off my donation last night and was just in awe of the mountain of products that had already been donated.

I didn't stay for the whole event so I know the pile got bigger after I left.

It really is sad to think that some women have to decide between diapers or food for their children and hygiene products. Every woman should have access to these products.

It is amazing to see what can be done when Sioux Falls comes together! Especially women. I mean there were men there too! They deserve their credit as well!

The Sioux Empire Rock A Betty's put up on Facebook that the grand total this year was, "We collected 44,655 individual items and $1300 in cash donations!"


Kudos to everyone involved!

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