The bro-country trend in modern day country music has drawn plenty of opinions, and one artist who isn't afraid to voice her mind on the matter is Pistol Annies' Angaleena Presley, which she does in a new song called "Country."

The bold country singer released her new solo album Wrangled on April 21, featuring a variety of songs that take on her honest opinions about the music industry and calling out everything from the lack of women in country radio to the "high school mentality of Music Row." "Country" centers around the stereotypes and cliches contemporary country has become known for. Presley says she wrote the track after briefly listening to country radio and hearing the repetitive subject matters in the songs.

"I just took all of those trends that were happening – the arena roar and, 'Let's make a list of things that country people are supposed to do in life!' and say the word 'country' 75 times," the singer recounts in an interview with Rolling Stone Country, "and I wrote this song and was like, 'Well here, will you pitch this? Will you give this a shot?' He [her former publisher] didn't think it was very funny."

Wrangled features 12 songs that were all co-written by Presley. She pulled in friends like Chris Stapleton and fellow Pistol Annies members Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe to contribute to tracks like "Only Blood" and “Dreams Don’t Come True." The 2017 project follows the critically-acclaimed American Middle Class, which was release in 2014.

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