This may be the best idea ever. Thursday night I was thumbing through my Facebook feed and came across a post that caught my attention. It perked my eyes mostly because Gordie Fosness is a relative of mine. [Gordies Mom and my grandmother were sisters] Here is how the heartfelt post from Kathryn Fosness went;

"I rarely post, so here is a different request... I, along with many, can't be with my Father "safely" during this Holiday Season. It is very hard and seems totally unfair. If anyone who knows my Dad doesn't know my Dad, or just wants to do an act of kindness...
He loves mail and looks forward to it every day. He was/is a master writer of simple notes, cards, letters of encouragement, or just a how are you doing message. If you have an extra 5 minutes, please send him a note of encouragement. It would mean the world to him (and Me)."
I know what you may be thinking. I'll shoot them a text, or give them a quick call, but that generation loves to see what you write! Not all, but some of our Grandpas and Grandmas (or Moms and Dads) either struggle with technology or simply feel that ship has sailed. In short, a few sentences, in your own words, without spell check or fancy font mean a LOT!
Many of our family will spend Thanksgiving in what may seem to them, like captivity. Due to Covid, visitation has been curtailed or severely limited. So I suggest this. First, share this with your Facebook friends. Challenge them to take a few minutes, and write a quick note to someone they may know in a nursing home or assisted living center like Gordie. Heck, if you played basketball for Gordie at Dakota Wesleyan or know him from his work with Fellowship of Christian Athletes jot a few lines. Grab an old fashioned stamp, lick it and stick it in the mail.
I will make this guarantee to you right here. Nothing, I mean NOTHING will make you feel better than doing it today! By the way, if you need Gordie's address you can send your handwritten note to;  Gordie Fosness 4504 Prince of Peace Place #18 Sioux Falls, SD 57103.
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