The Bobby Bones Show Employee of the Month for October was chosen!

Bobby Bones recognizes the employee who shined the most in the last month. The winner gets to spin the wheel and possibly win some money, or they can choose to do self-promotion or block someone else from winning Employee of The Month in the future. Morgan was the winner for September!

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Lunchbox had been eliminated from winning this month, but he made his case for why he should be allowed back in. He said October was all about him because they spent most of the month talking about him and his ideas like the pallet unboxing and the spill the tea voice changer segments. Bones did not reinstate him but gave him a yellow card as a warning. If he gets another one, he’s banned from winning next month.

The two finalists were Eddie and Amy. Eddie shared he deserved it because he filled in for Lunchbox when he was out sick and won him a game of Easy Trivia. He also brought segments like being a cool day and pretending to be an Uber driver when he picked his kid up for Homecoming and co-wrote a new Sonic jingle with Bones.

Amy shared that she’s not expecting to win but felt like she gave a lot of content in the past month. Segments she brought to the show included her friend being turned off by her boyfriend's work from home routine and he called in about it. Also, the family that dropped a note in her lap while on a plane and she brought them in for Make-A-Wish. She also shared that her credit card got stolen again and has been very competitive in games. Also, she got very sick one morning and still came in to do the show.

Amy is the winner for October! She spun the wheel and won $100. From now on, a winner will be chosen every quarter.

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