Amy’s son is really into the cereal Frosted Flakes and always wants to eat it.

Since it’s a leisurely breakfast, most of the time she just lets him go for it. But she has recently started mixing in a healthier option that looks the exact same as Frosted Flakes. This one is higher in fiber and has other vitamins and minerals in it. She’s been giving him this healthier option without him knowing and he’s been eating it!

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She doesn’t feel guilty about doing this because technically she isn't lying to him since he hasn’t asked. If he started to ask why his cereal tasted different, she would tell him the truth. Everyone on the Bobby Bones Show agreed this is a great parenting move!

It actually isn't the first time it's happened. I remember my Mom mixing powdered milk and mixing it half and half when we were kids and drinking a ton of milk every week. How about you? Have you ever been a bit misleading with your kids on something like this? 

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