After making her acting debut in the Max film Holiday Harmony, Amy took her first improv class!

She’s never done it before, and the first class was three hours long. She will have one class a week for the next seven weeks. They did a lot of get-to-know-you exercises and played off what each other would say. Her improv teacher is all about keeping it positive and implementing the “Yes, and...” rule, which she thinks is good for conversations even outside of improv because it acknowledges that what the person said has value and you’re going to add to it instead of saying “Yes, but...”

In her first class, she paired up with a partner and they shared ideas and got used to saying “Yes, and...” even though they had a negative situation. Another improv practice they did was pretending they were on Shark Tank and pitching a product.

She found it to be really helpful seeing everyone else just go for it, and her group is all level one, which means they have never done it before either. It also made her realize she needs to really focus on what others are saying and that she needs to be more present in her responses. She really enjoyed it and thinks it will help her career and how she parents and can’t wait for next week!

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