I left some flour and sugar on the stove, can you make that cake for me this afternoon? The phone went quiet. My wife asked, are you still there?

I was dumbfounded. Heck I was scared!  Sure, I can make a mean chili, but my chili isn't the same every time. I like to taste and throw. In short, I'm not much for following directions from anyone. I knew this time would be different, this time I would have to follow the rules.

My wife had called me at work and wanted me to put together some Amish Friendship Bread. I like eating it, I'm just not much for baking anything other than frozen cookie dough that we get from the Schwan man. I knew it was going to be a challenge. I'd have to have my 'A' game on!

When I'm left with a challenge like this I change things up. I actually READ all the directions before I start. Some of those recipes throw you off. You start throwing the ingredients together, and then read that you're supposed to add different things at different times. So, I started my Amish Friendship Bread adventure.

Friendship Bread. Why do they call it that? Seems it's something you start and can take part of what you start and pass it on to a friend. (It's probably a Amish version of Facebook or Twitter) After you get your starter ingredients you can make the bread at your place, then you share some of your ingredients with other friends. It's kind of a carbohydrate multi-layered ponzi scheme. My mind was racing a thousand miles an hour while I was putting it together.

So, I started. Carefully following the directions and before you know it, I was spraying that ol' bunt cake pan with Pam and throwing the Amish Bread into a pre-warmed oven for an hour at 325.

You know what? It came out pretty good. When I tipped it over it actually came out of the pan. Better yet, when I ate the cake later, or I guess it's called bread it was pretty darn good. Side note: I know your not supposed to eat raw batter, but heck I'm a risk taking baker. Nobody was looking and this was some awesome pre-baked batter. (Don't try this at home)

Check back tomorrow. I left the recipe at home. I'll take a picture of it with the Samsung Galazy S5 that I use courtesy of Sprint in Sioux Falls. Then you to can try it out. Not bad!! And hey, If I could make it, you can too!


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