Lunchbox and Eddie opened the rest of what is in the pallet that members of the Bobby Bones Show invested in. The pallet is full of Amazon returns costing the show $540 and the goal is to hopefully sell what is inside of it for more than what they paid.

They are splitting everything up into three piles: one that will make money, one that is garbage and a return pile. While opening the boxes they will price how much the items would cost at resale value.

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So far, this is everything they’ve opened and how much it valued at resale.

DAY 1:  

  • Four Kids Scoop Rockers. Resale Value: $10.
  • 24-inch Scepter Monitor. Resale Value: $25.
  • Simple Fold Highchair. Resale Value: $20.
  • Racecar Seat Covers. Resale Value: $20.
  • Juegoal Rear Bumper Protector. Resale Value: $25.
  • Bosch Metal Fire dome for LC1. Resale Value: $15.
  • Dream Pairs Slippers in size 9. Resale Value: $5.
  • Fantasy Edge Sword. Resale Value: $10.
  • A box of toilet paper they are going to put in the return pile.
  • Two Hotel Sleeping Pillows. Resale Value: $5.
  • Mop bucket they are going to throw away.
  • Air Pump. Resale Value: $10.
  • Massage Cushion with heat and vibration. Resale Value: $50.

DAY 2:

  • CEMOFE 14-16ft Bass Boat Cover. Resale Value: $25.
  • New Age Outdoor Cat Shelter. Resale Value: $40.
  • Six Toilet Seats. Resale Value: $15 for all six.
  • Two cube storage organizers. Resale Value: $5.
  • Hansgrohe Rain Dance 300 Shower Set. Listed new for $600, resale value: $300.

DAY 3:

  • Ironing board - $20
  • Curtain rod - $10
  • Drill set - $25
  • Clothing hampers - $2

DAY 4:

  • Box of 25 Yard Signs. Resale Value: $5.
  • Target Cat and Jack Shirts. Resale Value: $24.
  • Sentry Safe. Resale Value: $15.
  • Zinus Memory Foam Topper. Resale Value: $75.


  • DMI Double Folding Bed Board. Resale Value: $25 each.
  • Clothes Drying Rack. Resale Value. Resale Value: $30.
  • Dumoyi Smart Weight Fitness Hoop. Resale Value: $10.
  • Camcorder. Resale Value: $10.
  • Curtain road. Resale Value: $5.
  • Cordless Morning Star Mini Blind. Resale Value: $5.
  • Pelican Hard Shell Case Size Large: Resale Value: $200.
  • Manila Rope Safety Precaution. Resale Value: $10.

The total is $1,240 if we are able to sell everything as is. Some items may be put up for sale for a higher price as Bobby was just marking down conservative prices to not get anyone's hopes up.

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