Areas of Southwestern Minnesota recieved up to 11 inches of rain on Tuesday, July 3rd. That amount of water in a short period of time had some catistrophic results.

KARE11 reported that Emergency Management spokesperson Christy Riley said parts of Murray County received between 9 and 11 inches of rain from a system that hung over them all morning. She went on to eplain, "This storm was not predicted, and we were already saturated".

The heavy rainfall caused road closings around the Currie, Marshall, Lake Shetek areas due to the flooding which covered and washed out roads in the area. MnDOT had issued a No Travel Advisory for all of Murray Co. in southern MN due to flooding.

FOX9 posted some amazing footage of the flooding around homes and over roads in the Lake Shetek region. You can see washed out roads, people trying to help other people, and vehicles being driven throught the floodwaters on what used to be dry roads.

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