Rev. Ann Bullis, pastor at Wesley United Methodist Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin believes all dogs, much like people, need a chance at salvation, too. So she invites all worshipers to attend the 9 a.m. service with their pooch.

“Dogs go to heaven,” Bullis said. “What would (heaven) be without our dogs? Heaven is supposed to be a happy place.”

When she introduced the concept to the congregation, Bullis said no one had any qualms with the idea since the dog owners sit at the rear of the church during the service.

Apparently, biscuits and bibles are becoming a little more popular with the congregation and new-comers alike to Wesley United Methodist Church. The attendance — once down to 11 — has more than tripled. Amen to that!

No word yet on what canines receive for communion. Beggin' Strips?

Just one more pun..."Come and be heeled!" Bazinga.

source: Sheboygan Press

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