Mother's Day morning started off nice enough for Sioux Falls resident Aldijana Mustic she began the day by having a wonderful breakfast with her mother and sister at The Original Pancake House in Sioux Falls.

However, the day quickly started to spiral downward once she returned home only to notice her engagement ring was no longer on her finger.

KDLT News is reporting that Mustic's engagement ring went missing at some point during the morning.

It was definitely one of life's little curve balls that would surely terrify any recently engaged woman.

KDLT News reports that Mustic spent the rest of the day with the help of others frantically searching her house, her car, and even the restaurant multiple times in hopes of finding her now missing ring.

The result: no luck! The ring was no where to be found.

Now Mustic and her fiancé are asking for the public's help in locating her engagement ring.

According to Mustic, “To anyone it’s just a ring, but to me it’s my first engagement and it’s to him and I love him with all of my heart and it’s just sentimental to me. I can’t even put it into words how I feel about it.”

KDLT TV (used with permission)
KDLT TV (used with permission)

Should you happen to come across the ring shown here in the photo, Mustic asks that you please return it to the police station, The Original Pancake House, you can even drop off the ring at either KDLT News, or here at Results Radio and we will see that it gets to Aldijana right away.


Good luck finding your ring Aldijana. We all hope it makes its way back to you real soon!

Source: KDLT TV

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