Over the weekend, Bobby Bones went to the Arkansas basketball game, and Abby was upset he didn’t wear the big hat she made for him.

She worked for days on a giant hat for him to wear. Originally it was pink, so she died it red and even drew an Arkansas logo on it. He has two of them. The reason he didn’t wear it to the game was that it was a whiteout, and he didn’t want to wear a red hat there. So, his plan now is to wear the hat Thursday night at the Arkansas game at the SEC tournament happening at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Eddie is going to wear the second big hat there too.

With all the supplies, it cost Abby about $120 to make the big hats, but Bones gave her $200 for it. He also owes her another $200 for watching his dog, Stanley. That means she made about $300 from making these two hats. Everyone was so impressed with how the hats turned out, they suggested she make an Etsy shop.

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See how the big hats look in the pictures above!

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