Your doorstep says a lot about your home. When it comes to Country Living what's at the end of your driveway serves as a welcome to passers by and gives a little bit of a glimpse of what's inside and who lives there. When I saw a photo that Melissa Schmidt of Rural Tripp, South Dakota Shared with me, I had to share with you!

Schmidt's 'labor of love' took some serious time to complete. She told me;

It took me about 10 hours to paint that but it turned out awesome. It is 5 miles east of Tripp, South Dakota on Highway 18. IF you know where Ron's Service is on the intersection of 37 and 18 we are 5 miles straight east of that.

I'll go ahead and give Melissa an A for her effort and creativity as well. Please share anything 'interesting and cool like this' with me so I can share with our readers and listeners here!  E-mail your doorstep or driveway greeting to She added;

It is 2 big round bales 1 small for the front tires. 1 large square as the hood and the back square underneath is a half bale.

Used with permission Melissa Schmidt
Used with permission Melissa Schmidt

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