"I was supposed to be there." - Aunt Mo


It's chilling to think about the events of 9/11 in general. The day forever sticks with me because of one family member that was supposed to be there.

I had no idea at the time, being in the 6th grade and roaming the halls of Memorial Middle School, that one of my family members escaped the tragedy by just a mere few minutes. I understood the magnitude of the day itself, and the images of that day and seeing it live is something that I will never forget.

My Aunt Maureen (Mo) was working and had a meeting at her work place. The meeting happened to take a bit longer than anticipated and she ended up missing her train into Manhattan. Her next meeting? Inside one of the World Trade Centers.

My mother received a phone call from my Aunt Mo that evening detailing the events of the day from the area, along with saying that her first meeting ran long. Luckily, she and the rest of my family on the east coast were fine.

13 years later we still stand united. My thoughts extend to the families of all those who were involved. I am extremely thankful for all of the people that did whatever they could to help that day. This day is always a tough one to look back on, and we will never forget.

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