Here's a property in Vermont that gives a new meaning to the word 'jailhouse'. A home has hit the market with a feature far more interesting than an indoor pool or a hidden room. This house is connected to a jail.

The seven jail cells attached to the north side of this home served as the Essex County Jail. According to the listing, the home in Guildhall was built in 1878 and doubled as the jailer's residence before closing in 1969.

The jail needs a complete restoration, but everything is still there to make it functional. "The jail still exhibits the original prison cells with barred windows & the Jailers Office," says Jennifer Allen from Lisa Hampton Real Estate.

Besides the seven jail cells, you also would get four bedrooms that are possibly more comfortable than the cells, two bathrooms, and an updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Most living space seems to be in good condition.

Check out this bedroom window. Have you ever seen that before?

Jennifer Allen/Lisa Hampton Real Estate
Jennifer Allen/Lisa Hampton Real Estate

All this strangeness can be yours for $149,000.

The question is what would you do with the jail? It could make an interesting bed and breakfast concept or maybe storage units. I got it... chicken coops!

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